We are having spring like weather here on the east coast. I lugged my calumet 4x 5 to the park with daughter/model in tow. exposed several quickloads and a few s tandard tmax black and white. the fuji quickloads seem to have had a severe ligh t leak. I know that there is a broken spring clip on the ground glass back of th e camera. It has a revolving back. I was told the camera was a c-2 with black lo ng belows and 25 inch rail. I have assumed that since I was shooting with the su n to my back and the additional width and weight of the polaroid holder this has caused my light leak. I suffered no such leak on the standard film holder. OR w as it that maybe the bottom of those fuji films does not seal that well and sinc e I was working under very direct bright sun some snuck in there (the extreme ed ge, has no leak but is the same end where the leak occured from... make any sens e?) after exposing them I did not sneak them into the shade. I bet the leak is f rom my loose back.

Q: where can I get a replacement spring clip, they are silver and double sided c lip held by two screws.

I have also ordered a focusing cloth since I figure the bright sun to my back al so contributed. I generally just throw my jacket over the back for focusing and quickly remove it. I am in Baltimore. IF I left my head under there too long som ebody might come behind me, hit me on the head... I might later wake to find my camera, daughter and internal organs missing!