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Thread: a few Photoshop questions new CS5

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    a few Photoshop questions new CS5

    Have CS5 and two questions on it. It installs as CS5 and CS5(64bit) What is the difference in use? Why would I use one over the other and if one is 'better' do I need to keep the second listed one on the machine?

    The second problem is openint the content file in Adobe Bridge. I uxe the slider on the bottom right trying to enlarge the files and printed file names big enough to read. The slider makes them further apart - but it does not make them bigger. How do I make them bigger? Having to get a magnifying glass to read the printing on them on a 24 inch graphics monitor is not fun.

    Have tried calling the adobe help folks and after holds of 10-30 minutes, get cut off. So am asking here.

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    Re: a few Photoshop questions new CS5

    You would use the 64 bit version only if you have a 64 bit operating system, such as Window 7- 64 bit. The main advantage is that photoshop could then use a lot more ram than the 32-bit version, the latter of which is limited to 2 gb, unless you have the registry switch to up that to 3 gb. I have 12 gb in my Windows 7-64 bit machine.
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    Re: a few Photoshop questions new CS5

    I think some plugins do not run in 64-bit, so even if you have 64-bit system, there may be times when you want to run in 32-bit mode.

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