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Thread: Just got my feet wet!

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    Just got my feet wet!

    Hi everyone!

    Over the past couple of weeks I have been putting together my first 4x5 kit. I took my first image yesterday and was able to get it developed today. It was exciting to see that large chunk of film sitting on the light table. WOW! It looked great! I was impressed that I got anything at all since there are so many steps to this processes. It's too bad that I didn't get it scanned at the time, or I would have posted it. (It's the view from the top of the Santa Barbara Court House in Santa Barbara, CA where I live)

    I bought a Meridian 45B from ebay and picked up some film holders from C list. Just using my digital camera as a light meter right now. I'm trying to keep my investment down untill I'm sure I want to continue. However, after today's results I think I might be hooked. I think it might be a good thing that I can't get to the buy and sell forum until after I've been registered for a month.


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    Re: Just got my feet wet!

    Great! It sounds like you're having fun with it----I never get tired of watching big negatives "come to life"
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    Re: Just got my feet wet!

    Welcome to group therapy, Al! Glad you got good results from your first exposure...that'll hook ya every time! Have fun with your new toy!

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    Re: Just got my feet wet!

    Welcome. A Meridian should be a handy and versatile camera to explore 4x5 and Santa Barbara's a great place to be using it.

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    Re: Just got my feet wet!


    post photos when you can. we love looking at LF images...
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    Re: Just got my feet wet!

    Congrats, Al! I have no doubt that you will create fine images with that camera and whatever follows. Hang in there, buddy.

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