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Thread: F64 BP backpack tripod holder

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    Re: F64 BP backpack tripod holder


    Is there enough room in the f64 large (not extra large) backpack for an 8x10 kit? How many film holders can you get in the front pouch, and/or the internal compartment?

    I'm looking to carry an 8x10, 6 f/holders, 4 lenses, plus odds & sods.

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    Re: F64 BP backpack tripod holder

    Depends exactly what kind of camera, size of lenses etc.

    Measure the camera when folded & see if it will fit against the specifications.

    My experience is that I can easily get an 8x10 arca swiss in with a 15cm rail, with a lens attached, and also putting smallish lenses in the side compartments. I get three film holders in the back pocket.

    Moving to larger lenses or more film holders would mean carrying a second bag of some kind.

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    Re: F64 BP backpack tripod holder

    Back on the topic of carrying a tripod on an f/64 backpack, my solution was to take a length of parachute cord, tie it in a loop, and put that around the top of the tripod (Gitzo 2530) underneath the center column lock. A carabiner connects that loop of cord to a D-ring at the top corner of the backpack and a short tie-down strap with a quick release is threaded through the lower two plastic loops on the bottom of the pack to keep it from swinging around. It mounts and dismounts very quickly, and if you choose the lengths of the rope and carabiner properly the tripod has enough slack so that you can still stand the backpack up with it mounted.

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