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Thread: Darkroom Toned images

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    Darkroom Toned images

    There seems to be a resurgence in lith and toned images but I have the feeling many are digital manipulation after scanning. So this thread is for images toned in the darkroom using chemistry whether developers or staining.
    We need to teach the new darkroom addicts that they can achieve a variety of results. Please post the details of your toning when adding images including choice of paper, developers, bleaching, etc....
    You don't have to give away all your secrets but provide enough to inspire others.

    I'll kick it off with an image of some test strips I have made recently to show the variety of tones one can get with various dilutions of thiourea (sepia toner) and selenium on ilford MGFB WarmTone.
    If you want to learn my testing method for these strips see this link. Apologies if you have seen this elsewhere.

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    Re: Darkroom Toned images

    Great idea Eric! I look forward to contributions to this thread. I will try to scan some of the prints I've toned this coming week.

    For your test strips I like #5. Generally my issue with toning is I don't like when highlights get much darker/colored.

    Edit: I just read your post and saw what #5 was, ha! My results are so very different. I use a much more dilute selenium though.
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