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Thread: 2010 Portfolio PDF

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    Re: 2010 Portfolio PDF

    wow. amazing photos. I just got into LF and I hope to have a portfolio like this someday.

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    Re: 2010 Portfolio PDF

    Quote Originally Posted by Joel Truckenbrod View Post
    Hopefully this is the correct place to put this...

    I just wanted to offer an open invitation to anyone who would be interested in checking out my 2010 images.
    Nice work Joel, very nice presentation. Did you perhaps use some of Brooks Jensons tips for making PDFs?


    Don Bryant

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    Re: 2010 Portfolio PDF

    Joel, when did you sneak this in here? ;-) Wonderful imagery and portfolio. What may get lost - at least for those who didn't read the intro... is that this is the result of dedicating 2010 to b&w photography and this portfolio is the result. Congrats!


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    Re: 2010 Portfolio PDF

    Thanks for sharing these with us, Joel. They're amazing! I hope you continue following your passion.


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    Re: 2010 Portfolio PDF

    Thanks again everyone, much appreciated.

    Quote Originally Posted by D. Bryant View Post
    Did you perhaps use some of Brooks Jensons tips for making PDFs?
    No, I'm not familiar with how he actually makes his, though I've certainly viewed a number of his PDF's. So inspired by Brooks would probably be the most accurate description.

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    Re: 2010 Portfolio PDF

    Outstanding and inspiring work Joel. Thanks for sharing.


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    Nicolas Belokurov
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    Re: 2010 Portfolio PDF

    Thank you Joel for sharing this wonderful PDF. Nana Sousa Dias, You and Michael Gordon are actually the main reason I didn't try a single color sheet since the day I bought my field camera in October 2010.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

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    Re: 2010 Portfolio PDF

    Thank for sharing, I found your photographs very moving. Also really liked your PDF presentation.


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    Re: 2010 Portfolio PDF

    Amazing portfolio and I agree, the PDF presentation was nice and clean.

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    Re: 2010 Portfolio PDF

    Just amazing! I remember your colour portfolio... but now I'm speechless!
    Michal Makowski - Karkonosze Mt. National Park

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