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Thread: Cost of Super-Symmar 110/5.6 XL

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    Cost of Super-Symmar 110/5.6 XL

    In the discussion of lenses for 5x7 cameras, you mention that the new Super-Symm ar 110/5.6 XL can be obtained for less than $1600. Might I ask where? Lotus I see is asking about $1710.

    I expect this lens needs a center filter, but there are rumours to the contrary . If it doesn't, this lens wouldn't be much more expensive than the used Nikon 120/8 + filter, which is what I had been considering. Has anyone used it to kno w?

    As an aside, the yen fell significantly against the dollar today. Those conside ring new Nikon or Fuji and are paying in dollars should be aware of this trend.


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    Cost of Super-Symmar 110/5.6 XL

    A friend bought one for me in Germany and didn't shot around. I paid $1750, but this was with a prontor shutter. The copal version was $1600. To my eyes, it doe s not require a center filter, even on 5x7.

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    Cost of Super-Symmar 110/5.6 XL

    I purchased the Super Symmar 110/5.6 XL lens 2 weeks ago from a very reliable de aler in Hong Kong for $1200.00 plus shipping. I was just about to buy this lens from Lotus Camera when I discovered this discrepancy in price. The lens was furn ished with a Copal Shutter. It is indeed an exceptional piece of glass. If you w ould like the email address of the dealer in Hong Kong email me directly and I w ill be more than glad to furnish you with it.

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    Cost of Super-Symmar 110/5.6 XL

    Eugene, I think there maybe a small mistake in your e-mail address. You may want to address this since I sent off a e-mail to but did not get a reply. Is the address actually or ejohnson

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    Cost of Super-Symmar 110/5.6 XL

    6/24/98 I just received a new Schneider 110/5.6 XL lens for $1306. That price includes $56 shipping/insurance and wire transfer fee of $30. From start of wire transfer until delivery took five days.

    This is a very good price. Almost too good. But I now have the lens in my hot little hands. It only seems fair to point out this store to others who may be in the market for a new LF lens.

    Special thanks to Dr. E. Johnson, who passed thru Honk Kong and pointed me at th is deal.

    I do not know how many other good deals this store has on LF lenses, but it seems worth your time to ask. I found Mr. Leung to be straightforward and he delivered as promised. He is not prepared to send out a list, so please be specific with your request.

    Contact Mr. Tony Leung at New Sankyo Camera Co, Ltd. Shop G-19 Golden Mile Holiday Inn 50 Nathan Rd. Kowloon, Honk Kong

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    Cost of Super-Symmar 110/5.6 XL

    I used my Schneider 110 XL on 8x10, stopped down to f/45 and it covers it comple tely. However, for 8x10, you will definitely be better off with a center filter, unless you like darker corners. I don't have the filter and kind of like the ef fect of the darker corners, which helps draw your attention to the subject in th e middle.

    The lens is absolutely outstanding, in my humble estimation.

    Angle-wise, I think there isn't a whole lot of difference between what you'd get with a Schneider SA 90 and the 110 XL. I haven't used a 90mm, so I could be wro ng about that. I'm just looking at the fact it's only a 20mm difference between the lenses.

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    Cost of Super-Symmar 110/5.6 XL

    Roger, I believe the difference for 4x5 (between the 90 and the 110) is abut the same a s if you were shooting a 28mm and a 32mm lens with a standard format 35mm camera . For 6x17cm (and 5x7) the difference approximates the difference between a 20mm and 24mm. For 8x10, the difference approximates that between a 15mm and an 18mm . These are reasonable differences, especially for wide angle lenses.

    Ellis Vener

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    Cost of Super-Symmar 110/5.6 XL

    I also bought the Schneider Super Symmar 110 f/5.6 XL Copal 1 shutter lens from the same Hong Kong dealer for $1202 (including shipping and insurance). The total transaction took less than 3 days - I wired the funds on a Tuesday morning and received the lens via Fed Ex on Thursday.

    Thank you Pat Raymore.

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    Cost of Super-Symmar 110/5.6 XL

    After reading this thread several months ago, I have dealt with New Sankyo camera 5 times, and each time my experience has been superb.

    I wired the money, and got the package in less than 3 days on the average. I saved a huge amount of money, and am very greatful to the folks who contributed to this thread!

    BTW, Tony is a real gentleman, and a pleasure to deal with.

    One final advise: When you request a price quote, don't ask for quotes on more than 5 items at a time -- they seem to have a problem responding to very long requests.

    Here is the complete information on this store:

    Tony Leung ________________________ New Sankyo Camera Co Ltd Shop G-19 Golden Mile Holiday Inn 50 Nathan Road Kowloon, HONG KONG

    Email: Tel852)2367 0350, (852)2369 9491 Fax852)2739 2932

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