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Thread: Silverfast Slide scanning help ?

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    Silverfast Slide scanning help ?

    I've been searching the web for months and been unable to find reasonable instructions on how to set up Silverfast for slide scanning to a high quality.

    So I have joined this forum to see if anyone on this planet can help...

    I want to have the most basic help from Silverfast but to it's highest quality and then move the images into Photoshop for sharpening etc.
    I used to sell my slides to magazines and calendars so want to see the best results from them. The film I used was Fuji Velvia.

    All I really want are the settings I should use on the Silverfast interface as a lot of the settings are a bit too technical for me emailing me screen shots might be an easy way to help..... thanks in advance.

    I am using the 6.6.2r3 version of the software.

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    Re: Silverfast Slide scanning help ?

    when I was trying to get a grip on the Silverfast interface this site helped a lot-

    Much of it is old and pertains to past Silverfast versions, but it hasn't changed that much.

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    Re: Silverfast Slide scanning help ?

    The highest quality RAW workflow for Silverfast would be to use the 64 bit HDRI settings in conjunction with Silverfast's HDR studio. You will only get 12 4000 DPI slides done an hour but you will get everything the scanner is capable of delivering.

    Another option is to go the pro way and get yourself a drum scanner... My buddy in Kentucky has a few Howtek 4500s, and a IQsmart 3 that he wants to sell.

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    Re: Silverfast Slide scanning help ?

    Thanks for your help Tyler and 8x10 user. The prospect of a drum scanner sounds really appealing but they are very expensive.
    Thanks also for posting the links to different websites.

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