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Thread: Airports and 4x5 film

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    Re: Airports and 4x5 film

    I posed my negative experience (pun intended...) this summer w/ the TSA security people at SFO in a separate thread:

    At least I got them to cough up $95 for a box of ruined 4X5 TMX 100.

    I had originally asked for hand screening at SFO because the film had already been screened 7 times in Europe, and because there is no guarantee that all scanners everywhere are being maintained to specs. Seemed like a good idea at the time — 100% hindsight. There was some minor damage to about a dozen sheets of TMX, with very faint lines that seemed to be from boxes stacked above them.

    The security guy at SFO, opened all my boxes of exposed film w/o asking me if I would rather have them scanned — and out of my direct line of sight. That was the big problem. Next time itʻs FedEx.

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    Re: Airports and 4x5 film

    I just had my film, including lots of expensive color 4x5, scanned at RDU, ORD, and NRT. I wondered each time if asking for a hand-check was worth it. I have asked for hand checks at Denver and RDU but it was always roll film.
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    Re: Airports and 4x5 film

    I can tell lots of horror stories about Fedex and UPS too, and obviously USPS. I'd just let them X-ray it. Once they swabbed my tupperware box containing 4x5 holders with a conventional residue test. Now they don't seem to even look at my gear. But they do seem to change their strategy from time to time, and it differs
    at different airports, depending on what their marching orders are. They also seem to be doing more profiling in advance; so maybe I'm just in the old and boring
    category that doesn't attract their interest.

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    Re: Airports and 4x5 film

    If I ever return to EU, it will be by Queen Mary 2. Here in NA, it's train or motorcycle.

    I used to like flying in the 60's and early 70's, when 747's had a bar for long hauls. Deadhead returns on holidays were also great, with stewardesses singing carols and handing out drinks to 6 passengers one Christmas day.

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