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Thread: Bellows from ecbuyonline2008???

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    Re: Bellows from ecbuyonline2008???

    I purchased 2 bellows from Rudy in December. I am very please with the fit and quality of the bellows and material. I ordered one for a 8x10 Kodak Master View and another for a Toyo 810m. Rudy had to have both of them made so it took almost a month for them to be delivered, not a complaint but to just let everyone know how long it takes if they have to be fabricated. The material they use is thicker than both of the original bellow material. For the Toyo I had to purchase screws that were 1mm longer for the front frame M2x4mm. Once I got those screws assembly was much easier. You do have to study how the original bellows were mounted to the frames. The Toyo Bellows were much easier to mount than the Kodak Master View. The Kodak Master View are glued on while the Toyo are just screwed on. I used contact cement on the Kodak Master. View so it must be done right the first time. It might be worth it to see if Rudy will attach the bellows to the frame for a Kodak Master View camera if you are not handy and good at figuring things out. So as of right now I am really pleased at the quality of the bellows from ecbuyonline! Rudy and Jukie were a pleasure to do business with and communications was excellent! I have four other cameras and the only bellows I like better are my leather Fatif ones (those are a work of art!). I must say the price is good and the manufacturing quality was outstanding.


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    Re: Bellows from ecbuyonline2008???

    I second having Rudy glue the bellows to the frame. I sent my ARCA Swiss front frame and self-made rear frame to him and he did excellent work gluing them together.

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    Re: Bellows from ecbuyonline2008???

    Toyo made two sizes of bellows frames for the 4X5 cameras (and the front of the 810M and 810G). A larger size frame and bellows was introduced with the 45G2, 810G2, the 4X5 Robos and the 810M2. Toyo states that the reason for the change was to allow increased movement capability, which I am sure it does. However, I also find that use of a recessed lensboard with an older bellows on some of the newer cameras, like the Robos, is very inconvenient.

    I rebuilt an 810G and ordered a new bellows from Rudy with the new front frame size. Apparently he can only supply Toyo 8X10 bellows with the older, smaller front frame size so that is what I used. On the 810M and G this makes no difference. Rudy's bellows material, as are the Dynatect, is somewhat thicker than the original, inferior Toyo material so the factory frame screws are too short to catch. Rather than trying to scout up longer scews, I simply counter-sink the plastic frame screw holes a bit (aprox. 1 mm) with a drill. There is plenty of material to work with.

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