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Thread: Bellows from ecbuyonline2008???

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    Re: Bellows from ecbuyonline2008???

    I asked Ecbuyonline if their bellows are ir proof. He said they don't use that type of fabric. I'm looking to replace my chamonix 45n-2 universal bellows with an ir proof set.

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    Re: Bellows from ecbuyonline2008???

    Some observations that might be interesting.

    Over the years, I have purchased three replacement/new bellows from third party bellows makers. The first was a new bellows for an old Improved Seneca Whole Plate camera made by Jim Ormand from Western Bellows. The second was for an old A/B/C ARCA Swiss 5x7 back to reduce to a modern A-S 171 front format frame. This one was made by Rudy of ECBuyonline on eBay. The most recent was a whole plate bellows for a custom Whole Plate back that mounts on my Discovery rear function carrier and also reduces to the 171 front. This one was made by Custom Bellows in England. Also, I have owned view cameras (with their bellows) made by Cambo, Walker, ARCA Swiss, and Graflex.

    The best of these bellows was the one made by Jim Ormand, who is now retired. The fabric is light, light tight, flexible, and rigid enough to hold itself up when the camera is fully extended. The folds are precise and it is beautiful in every way. The workmanship was perfect. Based on my observations of the bellows from Rudy, Custom Bellows, and my current cameras, I would have to say that they are all well-made and approximately equal. The Custom Bellows material is not as lightweight or as flexible as the material Ormand used. It may even be heavier than the material Rudy used. I am not sure why they did not use their super lightweight material found on Canham cameras. Nevertheless, it is a good bellows. The folds on Rudy's bellows are at least as nice and precise as those on the Custom Bellows product. His product also compresses perfectly.

    This is just as an update, being able to compare what I received from Rudy and Custom Bellows side by side. Based on my experience I would not hesitate to use Rudy again.

    I was not sure where to post this. We have several threads on this topic. So, in case anyone wants to jump back and forth, here you go:

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