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Thread: Best vehicle for rooftop shooting?

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    Re: Best vehicle for rooftop shooting?

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    Re: Best vehicle for rooftop shooting?

    One word comes to my mind, Unimog. The ultimate go anywhere, do anything mobile. Its been on my Christmas wish-list for years, I apparently have never been a good enough boy to warrant recieving one, as yet.
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    Re: Best vehicle for rooftop shooting?

    Very difficult to get them down the chimney and into a stocking.


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    Re: Best vehicle for rooftop shooting?

    Sounds like a great plan; please post as you make more progress--esp. with the platform.

    Nathan, my 4Runner rocks easily, too. I haven't tried a roof-top platform yet, but I thought the earlier posts on RV jacks etc. (e.g., posts #5, 15, 16) to stabilize a stock vehicle contained some good ideas that could be adapated to an SUV.

    John, apparently what I heard and inadvertently passed on was a false rumor that the Toyota FJ Cruiser is being discontinued. A search on the net indicates it's just a rumor (published by U.S. News & WR); Toyota has issued a denial. So, the FJ is alive and well.

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    Re: Best vehicle for rooftop shooting?

    Get a Ford F150 I have a set of ladder racks I'll sell ya for $100.00 which were 500.00 new.. "Puts you 1'-0 above cab"

    These racks will adjust to fit any mid or small size truck or bed size. Then just make a platform to fit and you have a truck for hauling and a platform for shooting..

    My recommendations are a full size truck with an 8' bed for practical hauling purposes

    NOTE: only the AMERICAN automobile manufacturer's offer super duty trucks like say a 250 or 350, 450 etc. I think Toyota ( correct me if i'm wrong ) has only one truck and one motor = to say an F-100 and is lighter duty. Or you can go- 3/4 or a one ton suspension in case you wanna 5th wheel for pulling horse trailer or heavy camper.. I like the scissor lift idea

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    Re: Best vehicle for rooftop shooting?

    I searched the world over, and found this.....

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    Re: Best vehicle for rooftop shooting?

    I think Larry Walters had the best idea!


    Bob G.
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