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Thread: High-quality black-and-white digital prints?

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    High-quality black-and-white digital prints?

    Can anyone recommend a (good-enough-to-sell-prints) process for outputting digit al black-and-white print files? I'm looking for quality that will rival at least an excellent warmtone RC print (I understand that the texture of fiber-base is currently not realistic). I thought the LightJet system would deliver, but servi ce bureaus who brag about their color LightJet output have strongly discouraged me from trying b&w LightJet prints ("weird tonalities"). Any advice? Concerns ab out longevity? Thanks.

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    High-quality black-and-white digital prints?

    Point your browser to <> and find out all the [truly] wonderful things that can be done with iris prints. They're archival and offer a multitude of paper surfaces. I think you'll be pleased.

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    High-quality black-and-white digital prints?

    Someday I'll figure out how to write a Web address here, that will take the first time! The address for Evercolor is:

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    High-quality black-and-white digital prints?

    I too am interested in your quest for high quality, digital black and white prints. I'm not sure the Fujix printer is the answer because, as I understand it, the Fujix printers do not offer archival output. I would be great if a service provider, equivalent to Ever Color's product for color, offered state of the art, digital, black and white prints. Let me know what you find out. Thanks. Howard.

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    High-quality black-and-white digital prints?

    Anyone and all:

    Great info on platinum and palladium printing. I too am interested in platinum and palladium printing, but with a twist. Although I have shot 4/5, the bulk of my work is 35mm. Since my retirement (finally some time to spend on my own work), I have thought about scanning my 35mm negs, manipulating them in Photoshop (don't stop reading, it is a future, if not the only future, for some photographers), and then, somehow, converting them into 4x5, 5x7 or 8x10 negatives, so that I can make contact platinum prints. Has anyone any idea how to retain the grain structure inherent in a good 35mm negative and convert to large-format negatives from a digital file to a continous tone negative?

    Help anyone.

    Remo Cosentino

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