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Thread: Any ideas for: architectural/wideangle/shift/night shots?

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    Any ideas for: architectural/wideangle/shift/night shots?

    Hi all,

    I have read really great things here and this is a really really great community!
    As i plan to jump in LF photography (from dslr) and read many many useful things on different subjects, i thought maybe you could help me out with some fast useful tips concerning on my base idea, which would be as I wrote in the title:
    architectural/urban subjects with some really wide angle lens too, also night shots and preferably in color, my aim would be also to print them quite big so detail is important, but many suggestions i have read told maybe 4/5 would be fine. Jah and tilt/shift would pretty imporatnt too. The weight wont matter much, i would go to site planned before with any weight.
    And as i am new in LF, maybe I should start with some cheaper solution...
    I have checked many great photographs, but when i searched on ebay for the same cameras, they were quite expensive ones at least what i found.. (2-3000$)
    So, if anybody could suggest some good starter setup to match with my aims, it would be highly welcome!

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    Re: Any ideas for: architectural/wideangle/shift/night shots?

    Get used to your camera in the daylight first. Focusing and fumbling with the shutter, film holders etc. is going to be easier with some light. Once you get that down, you can start working at night.

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    Re: Any ideas for: architectural/wideangle/shift/night shots?

    Thanks for the advice! I would definetly use it! sure then I will try first daytime, I think I run too far by wanting night shots already.
    The only main importance then would be tilt/shifted possibilities which determines a quite a lot in size I suppose. The other would just be as much detail as possible (in color).
    I will get a strong tripod, and as the architecture would be the target, shutter speed can be long so it is not important I guess...

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    Re: Any ideas for: architectural/wideangle/shift/night shots?

    4x5 with a 90mm lens is fairly wide, and many good (relatively inexpensive) 90's are on the market with good coverage, giving you room for movements.

    That plus a box of Provia 400 (slide film, good long exposure/reciprocity characteristics), and you shuold be in good shape.

    Be ready to be there a long time. Exposure times double up quickly, and you'll have to bracket your exposures at least for a while, until you get a feel for approximate exposure times in different situations.

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