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Thread: PayPal Incident

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    Re: PayPal Incident

    I too had a similar problem with PayPal. I sold nearly $1800 of kit to a single buyer. Said buyer held on to the kit of nearly two months without any communication with me and then hit me with a dispute claiming one of the items had serious faults. PayPal immediately locked my account. Luckily the descriptions I gave were so explicit I won the dispute. It took nearly three months to sort this out before my account was restored and nearly a year before my Ebay feedback got to 100%. In my discussions openly admitted that they favour the buyer in these cases leaving the burden of proof on the seller.

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    Re: PayPal Incident

    May I encourage you guys that it has nothing to do with overseas sales. The insured postage option is not negotiable for the seller. Do not sell anything without insurance for the whole lot and then some.

    As a buyer I insist on insurance at all times but that's only because I'm legit. I haven't sold anything yet but I can assure you it will only be sent with full insurance with tracking.

    I rely on people to sell overseas because I'm in Australia. There is never any issue if the terms of sale are fully explained.

    My experience is that very few items are damaged in transit. I recently got a bent darkslide in a batch of film holders but this was because of poor packaging and I can't recall the last item that was damaged.

    The FedEx and UPS options are a waste of time. The items arrive in a very similar timeframe regardless of courier. Think about it ... they're on the same plane !!

    Overall ... full insurance with a return option. No escape then as a buyer ... you're locked in!

    If people don't sell out of the US then there will be a very great impediment on the survival of this craft outside of the US. Those in the US might not fully appreciate how hard it is to get stuff.


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    Re: PayPal Incident

    Having been aware that these types of problems can occur, I sell only within the U.S.
    Neil, the US are by no means immune to these problems, and the tracking system of USPS isn't necessarily better than the ones of foreign postal services (actually, sometimes it's the other way around).
    Dishonest buyers can be anywhere, and an American buyer can file a dispute with PayPal just as easily as a Chinese one.

    If you choose not to ship outside US, that's fine with me. It's your choice, and I can respect that. But please, don't encourage others to do the same. Getting LF stuff in other parts of the world is already difficult as it is.
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    Re: PayPal Incident

    Although you may not get much tracking information out of post Canada - there are often other options within the country it has been sent to.
    Danish post is very sparse with info once it leaves the country - but I have had success with tracing foreign origin post sent to Italy. I could see when the buyer got the note that it had arrived, the exact post office where the item was and the date and time he eventually picked it up! I know that the EMS site for tracking (especialy to China) works too.

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    Re: PayPal Incident

    sorry to hear this. i have found that the chinese like to haggle...all the time.....but in my experience they will agree to your terms, especially when your terms were stated from the beginning.

    i never ever ever ship overseas with anything less than express mail when using e bay.... i will only consider shipping priority mail overseas to people on this forum.

    never never never ship anything by surface mail outside of your own country. it takes too long and the buyer gets worried.
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    Re: PayPal Incident

    IMO, Paypal give people a major false sense of security. The experiences in this thread sort of support my feelings. Sorry this happened. The disappointment runs far deeper than just the monetary loss.

    My experiences have been much better. I liquidated all of my LF gear on this forum to members of the forum. I accepted personal checks and sent the goods before the checks even arrived. Never an issue. Made me feel good to be dealing with fine folks.

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    Re: PayPal Incident

    As long as people keep using PayPal such incidents will continue. I long ago quit using the system for anything. If I can not work out payment utilizing some other method, I don't make the deal.

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    Re: PayPal Incident

    Despite my recent experience I agree with Steve in Australia and Vlad in Romania. It's likely the large format world will continue to slowly shrink and an international community and perspective will help the craft survive.

    That being said many of the forum members who commented have it right, ensure the buyer is fully aware of the shipping cost, if the buyer balks move on. Insist on insurance, a tracking system and no international surface (with the exception of Kumar of course). surface.

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    Re: PayPal Incident

    fwiw I regularly use THE auction site as a buyer, and have sold a lot of photographica through it as well. About 200 transactions, and only a couple dozen were Not using Paypal. I have bought from UK, France, Germany, USA, and Oz. I have sold in Canada, USA and across Europe without any problems. Maybe I've been lucky.....but I try, as best as I can, to be prudent as buyer and seller.
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    Re: PayPal Incident

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve McLevie View Post
    The FedEx and UPS options are a waste of time. The items arrive in a very similar timeframe regardless of courier. Think about it ... they're on the same plane !!
    Actually UPS/Fedex have there own fleets of aircraft. USPS primarliy delivers via commercial airliner. Not saying that's better- I've had UPS deliver things to my house that were actually for my neighbor one block down. It happened to a co-worker as well- they aren't always very careful apparently.

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