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Thread: December Still Life...

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    December Still Life...

    Was ready to post this, but didn't find a December thread yet (???). So, here ya go.

    Think this is a sycamore seed pod, or something. Found it Christmas tree shopping last weekend. I like the texture.

    Seneca Competitor, 4x5 Graflok, Schneider Super Angulon 121/8, Efke 25 in HC-110.

    [EDIT] Been ID'd as a Sweetgum seed pod...
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    Re: December Still Life...

    Does this count still life? Pinkham & Smith VQ IV #2 lens with Kodak 2D camera.
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    Re: December Still Life...

    Very nice, Scott. Interesting plant.

    Hugo, I *really* like that, it looks very classic.
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    Re: December Still Life...

    That would be a sweetgum ball.

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    Re: December Still Life...

    Thanks for sharing and very interesting tree

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    Re: December Still Life...

    trying to get the hang of my new-to-me P&S VQ #2 wide open

    4x5 foma neg. 8x10 printed on ilford paper #3 contrast filter. i had to crop it a bit as i had a bit of a self induced light leak.....

    i can not believe the neg is "thin" ! outside with my "hat" shutter. go figure. anyway i have some new issues with some spotting on my neg....i think it may have been a result of condensation on the neg. too quick outta the freezer maybe. anyway.....
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    Re: December Still Life...

    a-priori Martini

    a-posteriori Martini

    Both shots:
    Camera: Ansco Studio camera with 5x7 back.
    Lens: 11.5" Voigtlander Euryscope Portrait lens Series 2.
    Film: Ilford HP5+ Developed in PMK Pyro.

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    Re: December Still Life...

    Dallmeyer 4B on 11x14 camera, HP5+ processed with 510-pyro 1:500 20mins

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    Re: December Still Life...

    4x5, 150mm.
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    Re: December Still Life...

    A nameless Petzval about 420mm.
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