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Thread: SWAP-MEET/BBQ: Texas Photo Collectors assn

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    SWAP-MEET/BBQ: Texas Photo Collectors assn

    The next "function" for the TPCA will be an informal swap meet and get together at the Hickory Hollow Restaurant.

    Date: Saturday December 4, 2010
    Time: 12 noon to around 4 PM
    Place: Hickory Hollow
    Address: 101 Heights Blvd, Houston

    We have the "back room" reserved for us. This doesn't necessarily mean we have it all to ourselves, but should be pretty much to our own devices. "BYOL" = Buy Your Own Lunch! The food is delicious, the beer is cold, so are the sodas, the pecan pie is very good.

    To cut down on congestion, try to limit your stuff to 1 or 2 file boxes of stuff to sell. This is a sale for our members, not advertised, no vendors specifically invited, prices to match.

    Bring a box of "junk" and have some fun.

    Our regular meeting will be the following Saturday, the 11th. If I have success building the slide holder, the program should be some old glass plate slides.

    Al Iverson
    Ivy Optiks
    Drew Bedo

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    Re: SWAP-MEET/BBQ: Texas Photo Collectors assn

    I'm new to large format and would like to show up... What items do ppl bring??

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