I am intersted on feedback from the likes of Ellis Veneer, and others who have e xperience or knowledge of these packs (Specifically, I am seriously considering jumping into deep waters on a Balcar "Source" 6400 WS power pack from Calumet) f or 4x5 and 8x10 studio portraiture.

I am specifically curious why Balcar has discontinued their "Source" Line and mo ved to a more expensive "Nexus" line. Calumet has 3 Source 6400 WS packs left a t "next to new" condition for $2,950 US. They offered me a full one year warrant y to go along with it, as oppposed to their customary 30 day on used gear.

Considering that the same watt seconds on their new digital ready, multiple manu facturer flash head resady Nexus line goes for $5,500, I am looking at this as a n opportunity to finally get the power I need at a relative bargain.

Need your feedback. Thanks in advance. Andre