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Thread: List Frustrations

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    List Frustrations

    Anyone else getting frustrated with the deteriorating function of the list? Serv er down for several hours or more on a regular basis. Trying to follow a thread and then realising half the messages aren't being distrivuted as email alerts be cause "the server is too busy"...

    Starting think the sky is falling and it's going to die completely before too lo ng...
    You'd be amazed how small the demand is for pictures of trees... - Fred Astaire to Audrey Hepburn blog

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    List Frustrations

    Frustrating perhaps...

    Enjoy the list while it works...

    Nothing lasts forever - except powerful photographic images...


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    List Frustrations

    Count me in as a somewhat frustrated user of the forum. This is one hell of a resource, and I hate to see all the bugs floating around in the system unnecessarily complicating things. We really do need to figure something out for this forum.
    So apparently my signature was full of dead links after a few years away...

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    List Frustrations

    My understanding is this website is being maintained as a non profit site. I know I do not pay a dime to post or read. Servers, juice, website design cost time and money! I have been hanging around here only a few months and have gotten many valuable links and information that is very helpful and I hope I have contributed at least a fraction in return. Thank you VERY MUCH! to the publishers and contributors!

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    List Frustrations

    I agree with "nothing lasts forever"... that's one more reason to go out and shoot more... after the bits and byte went into oblivion... only the negatives remain.....

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    List Frustrations

    Just thinking how nice it would be to have the entire archived section as a downloadable .PDF file!!!!

    I'm sure a FULL TIME job for someone...

    just a dream....


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    List Frustrations

    Miles; hardly a full time job. All you have to do is run a site ripper on the archives, cat all the .htmls together, and dump the result through Adobe's PDF "distiller". Should take less than half an hour to write the code to generate a fairly raw PDF, though it would probably be more useful just to mirror the archives and make a zip or tgz ball of the .htmls available for download.

    It occurs to me I should snapshot the archives just on general principle. Keeping things in sync takes only a little automation, though I don't currently have a platform where it would be convenient to do so. This does, however, fail to fix the problem underlying both and, which seems to be the ArsDigita platform in general. Migrating to UBB or a similar system is probably a good idea, but the discussions I've seen on suggest most of the admins in a position to do this are presently firmly locked into an it's-gotta-be-Ars-Digita mindset.

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    List Frustrations

    Todd, Sounds like you have some expertise in this area. My brother is the network engineer in the family and maintains a world wide network with little time to even answer the phone, the only way i could possibly get him to stay still is maybe pulling the ignition on his car; although , now he's out of state.

    I have the new Adobe Acrobat ver 5.0 still in the box , sitting here and have not had time to open it lately, although some of the info that you describe, went sailing over my head... Are you interested in doing something like this???????

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    List Frustrations

    Just out of curiosity I downloaded the whole LF list today to my hard- drive using HTTrack (a freeware program). I was a bit suprised it worked as the site uses a lot of cgi scripting, but luckily HtTrack seems to understand what to do, except in the case of the few graphics files which it does download but can not link to correctly...

    FWIW - this list is over 8,000 files taking up around 50MB (the whole list plus the first page of any external links found plus any graphics found).

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    List Frustrations

    Have already responded to an earlier thread on this subject.

    Essentially the gist was that this board provides an excellent resource for the large format community and I hope that it continues despite the seemingly dubious future.

    Should the sky really fall in then there is another community of large format photographers that has been running now for about two years called

    There is a Forum (discussion board) and an EMail list, both of which are very active - I know that some people here are already members.

    Whilst not wanting to spam people about the large format alternatives, you may like to visit <a href=""></ a>

    All the best, Clive

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