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Thread: Linhof Super Tech V, reasonable price?

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    Linhof Super Tech V, reasonable price?

    I have found a Linhof Super Tech V for sale, it includes a Symmar 5.6/150 lens ... generally the camera appears to be in decent shape. The seller is asking $999 USD.

    Is this reasonable for this model / vintage of Linhof + lens?

    I am new to LF and am wanting to get started in 4x5. I have heard legendary things about the Linhof.

    Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Linhof Super Tech V, reasonable price?

    Seems better than reasonable to me if the camera is in good cosmetic shape and everything works properly. The Tech V alone often sells in the $1,100 - $1,300 range. Symmars are old lenses, Schneider is now into the fourth generation (Symmar, Symmar S, APO Symmar, and Apo Symmar L or whatever exactly they call the latest version), but they still are very usable if the glass and shutter are o.k.

    I've had a Linhof Tech V and a Master Technika. They were my favorite 4x5 camera of the bunch I've owned. Just check it out thoroughly to make sure everything works or if you can't do that then try to get it with the right to return no questions asked. Especially important to check the bellows for pin-hole leaks (take it into a dark room, remove the back, shine a flashlight all around inside the bellows while you're carefully looking on the outside to see if any light comes through especially in the corners of the bellows). Check front rise to make sure the front standard goes up all the way and stays there. And of course all the other movements as well. The only problem with Linhof is that repairs tend to be very expensive and a new bellows will cost around $300 if the one on the camera has pin holes.
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    Re: Linhof Super Tech V, reasonable price?

    It's a good deal unless it is trashed. Need to see it to really tell you more.

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    Re: Linhof Super Tech V, reasonable price?

    i traded the equivalent of about $600ish of 35mm camera gear for a Super Tech V that needed a little work. out my way they're all way overpriced, and shipping from overseas would cost a fortune (around $100).

    if it's USD$999 and everything checks out that's a good deal.

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