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Thread: Digital back for 4x5"

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    Bruce Hemingway
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    Re: Digital back for 4x5"

    I use the CameraFusion sliding back on my 4x5's often, with my Nikons.

    Here is a sample image from my Velostigmat 12" lens on a Cambo:

    I use my D5000 and my D3 for imagers. Works well for my purposes....

    I just got a quote on a 60mm sq. CCD sensor for a research project: $24000 each in small quantities. 15 micron pixels, monochrome. The vendor has one that is 80mm square; they wouldn't even quote a price!

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    Re: Digital back for 4x5"

    Quote Originally Posted by domaz View Post
    The DSLR back I linked to is movable so you could use it for making stitched panoramas. That would make the crop factor issue kind of moot. You are stuck with panoramic aspect ratios though.
    I should have clarified. Single shot solutions are limited. There are stitching solutions for both dslrs and MFDBs, but if I'm going to bother with that, I might as well use a scanning back (with the caveat that at least I could stitch and still use strobes, as opposed to scanning backs).

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    Re: Digital back for 4x5"

    Not exactly a 4x5" camera but perhaps even better...

    From a recent trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
    Arca-Swiss Rm2D with Schneider 43mm/5.6 XL

    Leaf Aptus-II 10R:

    Leaf Aptus-II 12:

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    Re: Digital back for 4x5"

    I have been using a sliding back with a P45 for years and it works well you just need some wider lenses. the chip means you will need a decent magnifier and a bag belllows then off you go

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    Re: Digital back for 4x5"

    When I asked a similar question, I found that getting a 4 x 5 digital back for my view camera was impractical. The only such thing available is a scanning back, which involves relatively long exposure times. If you want to do view camera photography with a digital back, it makes much more sense toget a 6 x 9 view camera and a medium format digital back. Even so, that will be very expensive.

    Some people suggested getting instead a full frame 35 mm DSLR. I got a Nikon D800, which I am happy with. It is a good choice because the smaller format yields much larger depth of field, so I don't really need tilts and swings. The one things I miss the most is rise/fall and shifts, and a tilt shift lens allows me to do that.

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    Re: Digital back for 4x5"

    As I have mentioned previously there are CMOS based Xray panels available for large format (B&W only of course) that will likely work in the visible light range. These are used in hospitals for various Xray applications. The smallest pixel pitch I've seen is about 50 Ám. Most are in the 100 to 200 Ám pitch range but have sizes from about 5X7 to 16X20. I don't know about pixel sensitivity or spectral sensitivity but probably worth investigating. I believe all require a readout device plus the appropriate software. Price of the plates alone is in the $1000 to $2000 range. Adaptation to a view camera seems possible. Fuji and others are into making these.

    As Leonard mentioned above the 36 MP D800 really gets you a very high quality color image but if that is insufficient then an auto panning setup can be used to increase the MP size by factors of 2 to 8 using stitching software. Panos of course are equivalent to a scanning back where little of no subject motion can be tolerated.

    Nate Potter, Austin TX.

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