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Thread: Classified question

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    Classified question

    Hi, I've noticed that my classified offering cheap drum scans was deleted, and I understand that it is outside the stated rules for classifieds.

    That said, I was wondering where would be a place where I could offer this? It's a legit, honest offer and a lot of people on this forum seem to be interested. I don't see what's wrong with this kind of communication to the forum.

    Much appreciated,

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    Re: Classified question

    You've been a member for awhile, have you read the guidelines lately? This is a non-commercial forum and advertising services here is very limited and requires permission from the moderators.The only possible places to make a commercial post are in RESOURCES or in NEW PRODUCTS. But BOTH are one time only and require moderator approval. You posted in the wrong forums and didn't get approval. What can I say?

    There are a few members here who offer professional scanning services. Do you see them advertising their services?

    [QUOTE]RESOURCES Labs, education, workshops, services, stores and places to find information on LF photography. Commercial posts are prohibited except by approval of the moderators, see the guidelines before posting./QUOTE]

    [QUOTE]NEW PRODUCTS A forum for announcements of a commercial nature related to large format photography. Moderator approval is required before posting promotional items./QUOTE]

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    Re: Classified question

    Yes I've been a member a while, but in the last 3-4 years I haven't done much shooting or spent much time on this (or any other) photography forum (only around 20 posts on this site since mid-2007), so no -- I hadn't reviewed the guidelines lately, and I don't know who offers what or does what here.

    Sorry I broke the rules -- it was inadvertent. I appreciate the explanation.

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