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Thread: Forum members in the vicinity of Niagara

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    Forum members in the vicinity of Niagara

    I have something of an odd request - I'm currently trolling the market for a 4x5 capable enlarger (having converted all other formats to digital scanning, print ing, can't afford a good 4x5 scanner sigh! ), I am finding that the likelihood the model I find will be located in the US, because I'm not seeing very many us ed models in Canada. The rub? -Because I'm located in Canada, the shipping costs go ballistic on these once they go over the border because of their weight (I'm looking at $200-300cdn.) I'm wondering if there is a forum member who is a reas onable days drive from US Niagara Falls/ Buffalo area who would be willing to re ceive a shipment, for direct pickup by me. There would be no cost involved, just a shipping address in the US. Please email me off the forum if any of you might be willing. Thanks!

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    Forum members in the vicinity of Niagara

    I don't know what you are thinking, Toronto is full of 4x5 Omega's with colour, soft or condensor heads. There is going to be a photo swap meet in Toronto on May 5th sponsored by the Phoo Historic Society and I know there will be 5 to 10 4x5 elargers there for sale , most go fo about 400CDN, If you want some people to find one for you in Canada contact the photo historic society and I am sure Larry B. can find what you are looking for.

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    Forum members in the vicinity of Niagara

    KHB Photographix, Henry's, Downtown Camera or Vistek probably have used 4x5 enlargers. Check them out in downtown Toronto.

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    Forum members in the vicinity of Niagara

    Photo Source, Dick Raas, Rochester NY. Hahn Graphic, Rochester NY. Wright Images, Rochester NY. All have used 4x5 enlargers for sale as o last 2 weeks. 90mi. east of Niagara. and while you're here, George Eastman House.

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