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Thread: 8x10 scanning

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    8x10 scanning

    I know this question has been asked many a times however the answers I have found have recommended obsolete /hard to find scanners, so I am going to ask for an updated response...Is there a scanner that is an current updated version of the Epson 4990 that will allow me to scan my 120 roll film, 4x5 sheets and 8x10 negs? Or at the very least the first two (120 roll and 4x5 sheets) in both b&w and color negs? Thanks in advance for any help.............

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    Lachlan 717
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    Re: 8x10 scanning

    Epson V700/V750

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    Re: 8x10 scanning

    What Lachlan says - couple it with one of Doug's 120 holders and an ANR sheet from and you can't go wrong

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