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Thread: Ansel Adams at 100

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    Ansel Adams at 100

    To anyone in the Chicago area..........if you can manage to go see the Ansel Ada ms exhibit I implore you to do so. I just got back from it and it is just magnif icent. To see Moonrise over Hernandez right up close in front of you is a treat that I will always remember. Words cannot describe the mastery of this photograp her. I looked at the various pictures in books and marvelled but to see them up close is a whole different thing. If you can make it do so.

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    Ansel Adams at 100

    UK readers who do not know already may be interested to know that this exhibition hits the Hayward Gallery at the South Bank in London from 11 Jul 2002 - 22 Sep 2002 (though you would not know it from the Gallery's website which has no mention of it...).

    Looking forward to that.

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    Ansel Adams at 100

    From October 10, 2002 to January 5, 2003 it will be shown at the Art Library (Kunstbibiothek) in Berlin, Germany. The URL is:

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