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Thread: Linocolor Tech Support and Service

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    Linocolor Tech Support and Service

    I believe that some of the participants in this group use a Linocolor scanner. I f so, have you tried to contact U.S. tech support and service recently? When I t ried to do so using the telphone number and then the e mail address I've always used, the telephone didn't ring and the e mail was returned as undeliverable. I' ve asked Heidelberg in Germany whether U.S. tech support is still available and they won't answer my question. All they say is that you can get tech support fro m them (an international phone call to Germany of course). Anyone know anything about this?
    Brian Ellis
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    Linocolor Tech Support and Service


    I got through with 703-903-0254. I haven't used their email support recently.


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    Linocolor Tech Support and Service

    Brian and Bruce: Yup. I did a little research this morning and got this answer: "For customers looking for information or downloads for Heidelberg products you can go to our corporate website Information and support for LinoColor or Linotype scanners such as Jade, Opal, Saphire, Circon and Linoscan 1400/1450/1800/220, by calling Seneca at (703)-903-0254. Also, a person at Heidelberg USA directed me to the company MPG SYSTEMS: try 888-660-7771; shows the full range of scanners for sale and related support information. In a world where Epson seems to be the Lone Ranger developing new flatbed scanners, I still believe the Linocolor 1400 is an excellent value and VueScan can be used for 16-channel output. Apparently, the latest versions of Newcolor software now support 16-channel export.

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