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Thread: What killed Deardorff?

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    What killed Deardorff?

    I have been reading the comments on Deardorff restoration. I must have been out to lunch somewhere back then, but what caused Deardorff to go into the tank? I sure never heard.

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    What killed Deardorff?

    Poor business practices. Japanese company ordered something like 200 8 X 10's for export to Japan. Paid for 'em up front. Never got 'em. Went to court, won company name, trademark, etc. Tried to make a go of it with the Athens Tennesse cameras (all stainless steel) and lasted 2~3 years I think.

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    What killed Deardorff?

    I also heard that Deardorffs "99" year lease in the Chicago store ran out! Can you imagine what they were paying for that location?

    I forget my source. But, my recollection is that it was pretty well informed. Not positive, though.

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    What killed Deardorff?

    Bad business practices, Rising rent in a yuppy neighborhood, slow filling orders and it was 20 cameras that a Japanese dealer ordered. In addition to all that some suppliers of metal parts never filled the orders that Deardorff placed. In short, very poor planning. I was there. I saw it all. And it happens to me sometimes. Ken Hough

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