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Thread: Grass Valley, California Question

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    Grass Valley, California Question

    I'm looking for buildings in Grass Valley/Nevada City that were standing in 1891. I'm going to visit the local museums etc..., but I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions? The National Hotel looks interesting---maybe I can book a room and check out the register (I'm following the tracks of a gentleman who hiked across Grass Valey in 1891 and I'm trying to assemble a photographic record of where he might have passed.
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    Re: Grass Valley, California Question

    Those are both very photogenic towns. As for the dates of buildings- you might need to consult a history forum somewhere. I've stayed at the National Hotel, nice looking place, but a bit run down, (thing they had perhaps the most beautiful receptionist when we visited though.)

    I have a few non- Large format pics here:

    I took some 4x5 pics but don't have them digitized unfortunately.

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