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Thread: Frame costs

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    Frame costs

    I live in central Appalachia. I am starting to bump up against $16.00/each (del ivered) for 16x20 Nielsen type frames. This is a significant increase over what I used to pay. Perchance, is there a less expensive source out there?

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    Frame costs

    Richard, try . They are located in Maumee, Ohio, near Toledo. I have been dealing with them for almost twenty years. Prices are very reasonable. Service and quality is outstanding. They use genuine Nielsen hardware and cut their own frame pieces. I've never had a problem with any of their frames.

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    Frame costs

    Thanks. They look good.

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    Frame costs

    You can also try I have been dealing with them for 25 years and have no complaints.

    Additionally, look at Light Impressions sale and cleanernce items. when they have frames available they are often very inexpensive.

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    Frame costs

    I like frequently has good prices, but I've never tried them.


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    Frame costs

    Try American Picture Framing in Philadelphia. Don't know if they have a web site. Phone number is 215-382-3900. Great service, reasonable prices, and John, the owner (whom I have never met) will remember you the next time you call even if it is a few years later.

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    Frame costs

    Get a state tax ID # and then you can buy wholesale from distributors for Nielsen...which are the best.You will have to do quarterly taxes though.But you will save!

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    Frame costs

    Thanks for all the good info, folks. Now all I got to do is make a decision.

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