Nice looking Hermagis eidoscope 150mm f/4.5 with compur shutter for $999 (200880042964)

Good looking SOM BERTHIOT Eidoscope 275mm f/4.5 with flange for $1,035 (251215126304)

TAYLOR HOBSON Cooke 10.5in f/4.5 Series II Portrait Anastigmat Soft Focus lens knuckle version with flange for $1,612 (170975080050)

Early Series II Soft Focus Cooke Taylor Taylor & Hobson 10.4 Inch f/4.5 for $1,375 (350689148591), no flange but includes lens cap and leather lens case

Taylor Hobson Cooke 13" f/5.6 Soft Focus Portrait Lens Series VI, Packard shutter and lens board for $952 (281049671271)