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Thread: Friends in greater Boston

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    Re: Friends in greater Boston

    That intro to gum bichromate class (on the web site) looks interesting. Thanks for the link, don't know if I saw that last time I checked.

    Quote Originally Posted by sdynes View Post
    I am the one who posted about using one of MIT's darkrooms (the Student Art Assn. darkroom). MIT will let pretty much anyone take a course that comes with darkroom use; after you've taken a course you can take 'independent study' which allows you 24/7 (excepting class times) use of the darkroom w/o taking a course. Check out for a list of courses. One of the instructors (Therry Mislick) shoots 8x10 exclusively.

    The darkroom does have a lot of stuff, but not everything - for instance they don't have a registered mask holder for 4x5, and there's no facility in the darkroom to scan 4x5 negs. But - if you want to print 20x24 paper with F130 (or mix your own chemicals from scratch), you can do that.

    It is quite nice.

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    Re: Friends in greater Boston

    Hey gang, I'd be down for shooting around Northampton/Amherst. I just went to Lexington/Concord the other day, still full of snow. Weekends are usually good for me, interested in seeing everyones prints!

    Is anyone interested in getting some kind of community darkroom started up in the next few months? I'd like to be able to print every once in awhile and meet some new cats.

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    I live in Connecticut now.
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    Friends in greater Boston

    Whoops, I meant ...

    Someone started a new one, we should combine them...

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