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Thread: Don't post your P&S pix...

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    Don't post your P&S pix...

    This is a little premature, since it's the only (intentionally) soft focus image I've ever shot.

    I found it very difficult, hard to know what I'm focusing on, and it didn't go very well.

    However, there are some clues within the picture, (especially since I missed my focus point on the face; it's quite possible the camera wasn't locked down well enough before I inserted the holder) and perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I might have some observations.

    8x10, lens cobbled out of a couple of elements either side of a Copal 3, approximately 500mm fl, total draw on this was around 800mm.

    The negative didn't look very promising, the positive is maybe a little better.
    Or at least, it has enough promise to make me think I should pursue it a little further-

    I know it's difficult to gauge anything from images posted on the internet, but It would be good if someone with some experience of some of the more esoteric glass might draw some comparisons-
    I know you won't hold back...

    Here are some details, representing straight scans from the neg at 360dpi.
    And if anyone else has other pictures in a similar vein...


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    Re: Don't post your P&S pix...

    Interesting stuff. Remember, if you've cobbled something together that is no longer achromatic, you would have to purposely focus out in front of your subject. Have fun.
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    Re: Don't post your P&S pix...

    Thanks Jim, yes, Chemical focus is something that might be improved on my next shot-
    it's a difficult thing to get your head around, without actually doing it-

    One of the elements was an achromat, the one at the back-

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