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Thread: 16x20 Neg. Storage

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    16x20 Neg. Storage

    I'll soon be using a 16x20 Camera and will need to store negatives in archival ' sleeves'. Any help in finding a provider of such items in this format are great ly appreciated.

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    16x20 Neg. Storage


    I had the same problem with my Cirkut panorama negs which are up to 70 inches long, I eventually found out how museums store them. Archivart 20pt alkaline buffered library board with a 75 micron polyester cover welded along the top edge, store emulsion side up underneath polyester cover.

    Note that slide in sleeves aren't considered archival because of the risk of scratching the neg sliding it in and out.

    If you do want to go the slide in way you should be able to buy rolls of polyester tube the right size from packaging suppliers, just cut to length.

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    16x20 Neg. Storage

    I dont know if this is an enterely Kosher way, but dont the bags sold at light impressions used for archival storage of prints will work? If it was me I would get this bags and place the negative between two archival interleaves (also sold at LI) OTH I just bough some archival storage box and placed all my 12x20 there.....a lot easier.

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    16x20 Neg. Storage

    I store 18x22 negatives in folders that I have made up by Superior Archival Materials. 1-888-857-1722. They are made from the finest archival paper--with Micro Chamber Technology. Nothing finer on the market. The paper comes in large sheets. Easiest and most money saved by buying the full sheet and folding it in half yourself.

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    16x20 Neg. Storage

    Contact the View Camera Store in Arizona (formerly Darkroom Innovations). They have 16x20 Neg sleeves that are just much larger versions of the same sleeves many use for 8x10's and such (folded with a another fold on top to lock). They also have sleeves in 7x17 and 8x20 for thsoe that are interesetd. Comes in increments of 100 if I am not mistaken.

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    16x20 Neg. Storage

    Adorama sells them in packages of 10. These are just what you are looking for. I have some and they are just like the smaller PrintVue negative holders, only made of thicker plastic.

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    Re: 16x20 Neg. Storage

    Hey Michael Legan...

    Were you in the USN at San Nicolas Island??

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    Re: 16x20 Neg. Storage

    Did you notice that Michael posted his original question seven years ago?

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