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Thread: Scouting Trip

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    Re: Scouting Trip

    My last photo trip to Seminole Canyon state park and Big Bend NP. Ruffen it !! sleeping on the ground,takes some getting used too.

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    Re: Scouting Trip

    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan Potter View Post
    Hey Brian, interesting. I have a Casita, vintage about 2003. I don't use it on every trip but usually when I go to areas that are too expensive to stay in the usual accommodations or when I need to be where there are no normal accommodations.
    . . .
    Nathan and Brian,

    I was very impressed with the DFW Gathering and the superb photos that were made of the Tarrant County Courthouse.

    That got me to thinking. We have already identified a couple of fiberglass campers. I am sure that there are more people in this forum who have fiberglass, or pop-up campers, or who simply like to sleep on the ground. So why not have various members sponsor camper gatherings?

    Every year I see questions on this thread as to where are the best places in Colorado for shooting the Aspen colors. Two good areas are US 550 north of Durango and the area on the east side of Wolf Creek Pass.

    The 12-mile stretch of US 160 southwest of South Fork has two Forest Service Campgrounds and three commercial RV Parks. In addition, around the 12 mile point there is another campground, Big Meadows about 3 miles north off the highway. Beyond the campground there are stands of very large caliper Aspens. I would probably choose to camp here.

    On the other side of US 160 there is a 19 mile drive up to Summitville, an old ghost town that was abandoned around 1893. Along the creek that flows near the road there are many places where people pull off to camp without fee. I should mention there are stands of Aspen along the way, but Summitville is at the treeline so don't expect any good tree pictures there.

    In addition, about 30 miles north of South Fork is Creede. The Aspens seem to turn a few days earlier up there. I was there two years ago and the Aspens were gorgeous. An added bonus at Creede is the road that goes around the mine tour. There are many old mines, with timbers in decay, that can be used to add interest to your tree photos.

    Another area that is rich with Aspens is Kenosha Pass which lies between Denver and Fairplay. I have gone over the pass during Aspen season on my way to the Big City and I have estimated over 200 cars parked along the highway at the summit. A lot of people travel there from the Front Range to see Aspens.

    A virtue of the areas I am talking about (not Kenosha) is that they are not infested by large crowds of gawkers with their little miniature cameras.

    So I am putting this out as a feeler. How many people would be seriously interested in an Aspen Gathering and Campout around the first or second week of October? I am happy to act as contact and field any questions you might have.

    Perhaps some of the other campers in this form would be happy to initiate some gatherings elsewhere. It is good to have people who know the area. How about it?
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    Re: Scouting Trip

    I think that would be a nice trip and enjoyable way to meet folk

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    Re: Scouting Trip


    I'm just a bit south, and would be interested...

    If this or anything else in the area happens to arise, I'd love the heads up and would be sure to attend...


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