Hello--thank you for taking a look see and responding. In the viewing screen for the 3800 re: ink usage of which there are 9 different color cartridges & one "overflow" cartridge, called a "maintenance" cartridge, I have 2 specific questions.

As the ink in each cartridge is consumed, there is an indicator for each cartridge showing the level at which the ink has been used as well as how much is left in each cartridge. (clear so far????) When it gets low, you reorder.

Now the question is re: cartridge #2---it seems to be different than the other indicators on my machine. It's an indicator showing diagonal dots the length of the vertical "indicator" showing either ink used or what's left, however, the vertical indicators for the other cartridges show more or less "solid" indicators as to how much ink is either left or has been used. The #2 cartridge (photo black) is showing diagonal dots, not a solid "indicator" as the other cartridges are showing.

So the question is specific re: cartridge #2 which is photo black.
Is the vertical indicator for cartridge #2 different than the others and if not, what is the indicator telling me? It's showing a full panel of diagonal dots--no usage of ink or is it telling me, it's totally used up. Not sure on this one at all.

Question 2--has anyone tried with positive results, washing out the "maintenance" cartridge for a 2nd go around.