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I've more than "fooled with it" and I have yet to see a contact size digital print that outdoes a real contact print. I do think that making 4x5 FOOT print it's pretty easy to outdo wet prints with an inkjet. 8x10 contact vs. 8x10 inkjet- no. Have you?
Yeah, I think I mentioned earlier that my same-size digital prints look better than my contact prints from the same negatives, at least by the usual standards of sharpness, clarity, sense of texture and fine detail, etc. etc. ...

Tonality is a more complicated comparison. Each process is different, and some images are better serve by one or the other.

If anyone in the NYC area wants to drop by my studio, I'll be happy to show side by side prints. I find myself surprised whenever I compare. It's counter-intuitive to say the least.

I think 4x5 FOOT prints are actually tougher to do digitally from a small negative. You certainly would need a scanner that's in a different league than mine to get a good 10x or greater enlargement from a 4x5 neg.