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Thread: Virginia Adams

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    Virginia Adams

    Here is a photo I made on 35mm film of Ansel's late wife, Virginia, at the Adams' home back in 1986 two years after Ansel's death. I was part of Adams' Workshop sponsored by the Friends of Photography and Virginia Adams was kind enough to allow some of us to photograph her.

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    Re: Virginia Adams

    Very nice portrait. She was supposedly camera shy but maybe not so much in her later years.
    I met both her and AA in Yosemite in 1976 but did not photograph them. They were in a hurry to get home. I did get AA's autograph on the back of one his post cards before they left.

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    Re: Virginia Adams

    I was able to meet Virginia a couple times and had the pleasure of having lunch with her and others at her home once before a FoP workshop, but a little later than you -- as a participant in 1987, and the lunch as an assistant in 1991. She was a wonderful person. Sorry, no pictures either...


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