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Thread: Domenico Foschi

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    Re: Domenico Foschi

    Enjoy a great life in Italy Domenico, i can't imagine a country with better photo oportunities. Food and wine too.
    Paul Metcalf stated earlier that you are one of his most influential photographers, i agree. Some of the photos that was selected in your presentation in Silvershotz a couple of years ago are outstanding.
    Look forward to see new work from you when you get settled in Italy.

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    Re: Domenico Foschi

    I also wish him all the best back in Italy, he will be much more near me so I can then visit him!

    Cheers Armin

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    Re: Domenico Foschi

    I wish you well Domenico. I had the pleasure of a visit to your home country last year and yes, you will continue to shoot there- Italy has much better light!

    Good luck and safe travels.


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