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Thread: Hasselblad H to Linhof M679 adapter

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    Hasselblad H to Linhof M679 adapter

    The Linhof M679 takes 6x9 rollfilmbacks or with adapter plates digital backs.
    Is there any special connection inside the body or are the digital backs just triggered by sync cable from shutter?
    And what is the film size of the Linhof M679? Is it a 4x5 camera or just 2x3?
    Can I use any 2x3 standard rollfilmback on it or does it need adapters?
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    Re: Hasselblad H to Linhof M679 adapter

    First the Techno, the M679, M679cc and the current M679cs accept different adapters on the camera to mount MF roll and digital backs to it.

    There are two sliding backs (they differ only in the size of the digital chip that your camera back has since they have stops built-in for stitching. The adapter for the camera backs you want to use go on one end of the sliding back and the other end accepts the proper GG, Fresnel (if desired) and a viewg device (if desired).
    The Universal Back Adapter also accepts the Linhof adapter plates but it does not slide and does not accept GG, Fresnel or viewing aids.
    Linhof has adapter plates for the above adapters for Hasselblad H, Hasselblad V, Mamiya 645AF, Contax 645.

    Linhof also has a back adapter (Digi Adapter) that accepts Hasselblad V backs directly and like the Universal Adapter does not accept the Linhof GG, Fresnel or viewing devices. But you can use the GG back from the Superwide C and Hasselblad viewing devices on it in place of a film or digital back.
    The Linhof Multi Adapter accepts 23 Graflock or slip-in roll backs for 23 cameras like the Rapid Rollex Linhof roll back as well as backs for the Mamiya RB/Horseman and Silvestri backs.

    The Techno and the M679 cameras are 69 cm cameras they can not use 45 film. To use Hasselblad V backs on a 45 Linhof another adapter is available from Linhof.

    There is no triggering between the camera, the adapter and the back. With most digital backs you would have a cable running between the digital back and the shutter's PC contact - if you are using a Copal or Compur shutter. If you have the Rollei Linear Motor shutter system some digital backs will require a special cable between the back and the Rollei control unit.

    The M679 series uses M679 lens boards. The Techno uses Linhof Technika 45 lens boards.

    So there is no confusion in your mind. When you bul a Techno or a M679 system camera you simply have a camera body with no back and no len board. You have to add the adapter type that you want and, if not the Digi Adapter or the Multi Adapter, the adapter for the specific camera type you want to use.

    The Techno is primarily designed for use outdoors and accepts lenses from 23mm (on a flat board if the Rodenstock and on a triple recessed if the 24mm Schneider) to 240mm. It is made of aluminum and carbon and as it is designed for digital, all movements are very precisely geared.

    The M679 is all metal and has a built-in ball head (M679 and M679cc) or a built-in geared head (m 679cs). It is over twice as heavy as the Techno and more at home in the studio. It is also very precisely geared for digital use for all movements accept the coarse tilt.

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    Re: Hasselblad H to Linhof M679 adapter

    thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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