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    Grafmatic 23

    Hello, I am new to this forum so I have lots of questions. Here it goes. I bought this Grafmatic 23 years ago. Never had much use for it till i decided to buy a Graflex SLR series b 2x3. Looking at several examples. mine seems different, sort of. It has the channeled groove on top and bottom and down the front but it has two ridges like a graflok I think. Anyone know which this is. I am hoping it will work on a series B as I can't find a roll holder for it. Attached is a pic of it. Thanks

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    Re: Grafmatic 23

    Wilhelm (Sarasota)

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    Re: Grafmatic 23

    It will work. I have three of them and they work on both my Graflex SLR and my 2x3 Speed which has a Spring Back. I was lucky enough to score a roll film holder for the Graflex back, I also have a 2x3 bag mag which holds 12 sheets of film, but I really do like using the grafmatic holders best.

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    Brian D
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    Re: Grafmatic 23

    Real men use Speed Graphics and flashbulbs.

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