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Thread: Shoulder bag?

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    Re: Shoulder bag?

    I bought both of these bags from Cabela's for less than $50 total including shipping. The smaller is a Cabela's Carry On ($10) the larger is a Cabela's Delux Gear bag ($25) They come in red or green. The large will carry a ton of schtuff(nearly 1000ci) the smaller has 4 outer zip side pockets and a divider for the large main pocket (450ci) Just got them Monday in the mail. I could probably carry my Calumet CC-401 in the large bag, but the long focus rail will just stick out of the ends(26" rail).
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    Re: Shoulder bag?

    The Ebony 45SU fits perfectly in one of the small Igloo coolers if you cut out a little plastic in the bottom two corners where the rear focusing knobs slide in. If you find a soft bag but want to protect your camera and only spend $9 on a hard case it's a good option.
    I use one inside a Kelty 3100.

    Keep us posted regarding the shoulder bags please.

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