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Thread: Microtek i900 dying?

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    Microtek i900 dying?

    Hi all. I'm a little new to scanning but I'm pretty sure my prescan shouldn't look like this. Any idea whats going on?

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    Re: Microtek i900 dying?

    Davon, I also have a Microtek i900, bought used. Its software would not run on my older Mac. While searching Google, it was evident that many users dislike Microtec software. So I spent about $45 on VueScan, which I really like. However, the finished scans on VueScan are a little flat, so PhotoShop is needed to tweak them.

    Sometimes when starting VueScan I get an error message stating the scanner is not connected, even though it actually is. So I'll have to restart VueScan several times before it recognizes the scanner. But usually it starts right up. Overall, I like VueScan.

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    Re: Microtek i900 dying?

    I second the Vuescan recommendation. Hamrick's latest updates seem to have fixed the few niggling issues that I was confronting. After taking time time to learn its controls, Vuescan has the ability to produce the same "pop" I can get in Photoshop. I especially like the fact that he's built in drivers for older scanners that wouldn't otherwise be usable under newer operating systems. That has revived my Powerlook II. I was actually clinging to Windows 2000 on the system attached to that scanner, but it now runs fine with 64-bit Windows 7.

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    Re: Microtek i900 dying?

    Wow guys. I downloaded Vuescan and it it light years better than the Microtek software. Thanks so much for the tip.

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