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Thread: Zone VI 4X5 Field Camera Bag

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    Zone VI 4X5 Field Camera Bag

    I own a Zone VI field bag for my field camera. This is the large white bag avail able at the Calumet shops. I have found this bag to be very good, and was supris ed to hear from the clerk at the shop that they were not popular. I find that it holds all my gear and is easy to use in the field.

    My question is: what is the small thin strap that comes with the bag for? On a r ecent trip to Arizona, I found the bag a little heavey, and am hoping that this strap can be employed in some way to eleviate some of that weight. Also, I have read that the bag can be used as a back pack. Does anyone know how this is done?

    Thaks, Bill

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    Zone VI 4X5 Field Camera Bag

    The small thin strap is a carrying handle, nothing more. The bag does not reall y convert to a backpack, you can, however, strap it to a packframe with the D-ri ngs on the back of the bag, which is a good way to go as the shoulder strap is o n the sparse side.

    I agree the bag holds a lot of equipment nicely. I have no idea what Fred Picke r was thinking about when he put the mesh bag opening on the top in a direction that spills out whatever is inside when the top is opened.

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    Zone VI 4X5 Field Camera Bag

    Thanks Jim, for your answer. I have found that the mesh bag in the top of the bag to be usefull, and not inconvient. I use it for my dark cloth and changeing bag. I also store various charts and film specification tables. I find that this storage area, when lined with the dark cloth and changeing bag makes a very good pad for the bag. When the bag is opened and the top folded out, it is just right for access, and when opened, all the contents are secure as the bag rests on the ground or flat surface.

    If anyone else has any ideas or expierence with this bag, I would like to here them. Thanks, Bill

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    Zone VI 4X5 Field Camera Bag

    I too always wondered what that strap was for! Well, know I know. It really is a nice bag, although I do wish the mesh pocket had a zipper on it. I do the exact same thing...use it for a dark cloth and misc. documents. I took the bag backpacking this past summer and it worked out pretty well. The "D" rings are sturdy enough for a heavy load. The only downside was having the darn thing wack me in the back of the legs everytime I took a step. Needless to say, I got used to it pretty quick. I have no idea how one would use it as a backpack. Maybe a few bungie cables? Got me.

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