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Thread: Arca-Swiss Catalogue

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    Arca-Swiss Catalogue

    Peter,I share your frustration too.Some 4 weeks ago I also requested a catalogue from Arca-Swiss and still nothing has materialised.I should also add that I res ide in Switzerland!I don't know what the problem is but I have given up any hope of getting it in this millenium!

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    Arca-Swiss Catalogue

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    Arca-Swiss Catalogue

    You might want to e-mail Arca-Swiss: customer service/Kurt <>.

    I just received a note from him that a new printed catalog is due out in about 4 weeks, but I opted for the new catalog PDF version expected to be available in 7-10 days. The B&H catalog is pretty good at listing the equipment, but poor on explaining how the various systems function.

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    Arca-Swiss Catalogue

    Hi Kevin...thanks for sharing that bit. I still haven't received anything from them. Last week, customer service from Arca Swiss did send me an email asking if I had received their mail...I replied saying no...and they remained silent.

    In the intervening weeks between the last Arca request and now, I have requested for and received catalogs from Silverstri, Ries, Darkroom Innovations, Calumet, Rodenstock and Schneider.

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    Arca-Swiss Catalogue

    At the risk of making the most boring post ever, I would like to vent my frustration as well as say that all my attempts to contact Arca Swiss so far to obtain their catalog resulted in nothing.

    I can not believe that people who put such great effort into making absolutely wonderful equipment make so little effort to help sell it.

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    Arca-Swiss Catalogue

    I received an e-mail from Martin Vogt at the Arca factory about three weeks ago. The factory is in the midst of moving to a new facility. Since the Arca staff is very small, about +/-25 people, some stuff is obviously falling between the cracks.

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    Arca-Swiss Catalogue

    Whatever their problems with the mail might be, their cameras are more than worth the wait. Be patient. SB

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    Arca-Swiss Catalogue

    I received the compressed PDF file today. It seems most of you folks in this thread have received the file. Yes, finally!

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