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Thread: Is it wise to buy a new Microtek M1 pro?

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    Re: Is it wise to buy a new Microtek M1 pro?

    If you can't hold the film flat, autofocus isn't much help. I bought a betterscanning holder for my Epson 4990 adjusted to the optimum height, started fluid scanning on it and have been very pleased with the results so far. Visible grain is reduced in color negative and color seems to be more defined on the slide film. Its not going to change the optical resolution, but it does improve the scans.

    Fluid mount versus Epson holder example

    Fluid Mount versus dry mount on Betterscanning holder

    Not every film is showing this much difference, but Astia seems to benefit greatly from the fluid mount.

    Coupled with the fact that Microtek isn't exactly earning a good customer service reputation, I think the Epson V700 or V750 with a betterscanning holder is a more appealing option today. Epson has been updating the drivers to keep up with OS requirements too. They've certainly earned a bad rep there too, but they're keep the V series scanners up to date.

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    Re: Is it wise to buy a new Microtek M1 pro?

    I had the same issues when they were selling the 1800f. On the second defective unit I was sent an agreement that I would sign and then pay for the #3 replacement, in essence having two scanners on my charge card simultaneously, I got feed up called my credit card compan and sent the second unit back to the dealer. Never did get reimbursed for shipping but the initial purchase was credited, despite the dealer telling me they would not accept it.

    So I to use Epson, and am fairly happy with the V750

    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Petronio View Post
    I exchanged my first defective one for a defective replacement one several years ago.

    I use an Epson now.

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    Re: Is it wise to buy a new Microtek M1 pro?

    I just threw mine out yesterday.

    It quit working and they want about $300 minimum to repair it.

    When it worked the scans of 4x5 film were less sharp and detailed than the results from my Nikon D-300.

    Almost everyone uses the more popular Epson scanners at this price level, and I'd stick with the standard.

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    Re: Is it wise to buy a new Microtek M1 pro?

    I see comments concerning the film holders of the F1. I have scans films in all sizes, but did not have any problem. With the 4x5 if I should get the film sagging (especially if I blow with the canned gas too strongly) I would (while having gloves on!) push with one finger lightly while locking the film holder and I get no film flatness issues. I think the F1 has weaker places than the holders ...

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