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Thread: Delivery of Lodima Paper

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    Delivery of Lodima Paper

    Lodima Fine Art Silver Chloride contact printing paper will be shipped to customers on Monday, March 22, Tuesday, March 23, and if we cannot get everything out by then, also on Wednesday, March 24.

    Michael A. Smith

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    Re: Delivery of Lodima Paper

    LF'ers should try this paper. The 1st batch/test run enabled me to print some very difficult negatives and produce my best prints yet. This new shipment that includes both grades 2 & 3 should be a pleasure to work with. Thanks Michael & Paula for making this possible.

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    Re: Delivery of Lodima Paper

    I cant wait! My boxes should arrive today via ups.
    Im already preparing some 12x20's and digging up the amidol.

    Thanks Michael and Paula for all of your hard work!!!
    -Ian Mazursky Travel, Landscape, Portraits and my 12x20 diary
    PrePress Express

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