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Thread: Computerized film/print processor

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    Computerized film/print processor

    I just found this at Surplus Shed and thought I would pass it on...

    Made by King Concept division of Omega/Arkay. Model 8100. Computerized film/print processor with programs for C-41, E-6, B&W, and Ektaprint 200. Can handle 35mm, 46mm, 120, 220, 70mm, disc, 4"X5" sheet, 8"X10" sheets, 11"X14" sheets, or 16"X20" sheet film, and 8"X10", 11"X14", 16"X20" prints. Unit holds 8 chemicals, and processes your film/print with the proper temperature, timing, agitation, etc. Daylight operated. Uses standard 110VAC, 60 Hz. Measurers 22-1/2" X 30" X 15-1/2".

    I don't know how many they've got, but looking at the sizes it will process, thought I would pass it on.


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    Re: Computerized film/print processor

    What is that thing?? I must have it!

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    Re: Computerized film/print processor

    I had an older model (Image Maker I) of these 20 years ago and used it to run 4x5, 120, and 35mm E-6. It is a rotary processor with tempered bath and is pretty much automatic for any of the processes which it has a program drum. It is a great machine, but is an orphan so anything that goes wrong you will have to fix yourself. That said, it is simple 1980s electronics, and is easily to fix. I think I bought mine for $50 in 1989, so $925 may be a bit overpriced.

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    Re: Computerized film/print processor

    Quote Originally Posted by Van Camper View Post
    [url]...speaks up at this link.
    Spoke up ... the post is dated, April 2003.

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    Re: Computerized film/print processor

    I saw one at a local auction a few years ago. It had a starting bid of under $100 and no one bought it.
    As Jason mentioned its way overpriced and if something goes wrong your may be stuck.
    If it came with tons of accessories, like tubes, manuals, parts and programming cards it may be worth it at a quarter the price.
    A better bet is a Jobo ATL or PhotoTherm SSK processor.
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