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Thread: Gitzo 1548 Carbon Fibre Tripod

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    Gitzo 1548 Carbon Fibre Tripod

    I'm considering this tripod, after a leg clamp snapped on my Manfrotto/Bogen.

    I use fairly heavy monorail cameras (Arca M-Line 5x4" with an Arca B2 monoball, and will also use an Arca 10x8" M-Line).

    I know the Gitzo 1548 only extends to around 5 feet, but I can live with that. It appeals because of its light weight for this class of tripod, and I think it might be solid. I've not actually seen this model, so I'd like some feedback be fore I buy one.

    I'd like to know if anyone has used this particlar model; whether it's stable an ough for large 10x8" cameras; whether it's well-built and likely to last a long time, etc.

    I'm not sure if I like the Gitzo leg locks - they seem hard to operate, but then the Manfrooto clamps are obviously weak, and they can be knocked open accidentl y.

    Any opinions would be grateflly received...

    David Nash

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    Gitzo 1548 Carbon Fibre Tripod

    David, you might want to consider the Ries A series tripods as well.

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    Gitzo 1548 Carbon Fibre Tripod

    Are you doing studio or field work?

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    Gitzo 1548 Carbon Fibre Tripod

    I shoot 4x5 from a Gitzo 1348 and have found the tripod to have ample stability and freedom from vibration. I believe it's plenty of tripod for any 4x5 and all but the heaviest (e.g. Sinar P2) 8x10 cameras. The 1548 is considerably beefier than the 1348; I think it's big enough for any 8x10.

    The Gitzo leg locks are secure and nearly indestructable, and never need adjustment. I think new users tend to tighten the locks more than is necessary -- they clamp really well with only modest torque -- causing them to be unnecessarily difficult to loosen.

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