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Thread: collecting for stupid reason....

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    Re: collecting for stupid reason....

    i "collect" the little or less known stuff. the dallmeyers, darlot, and P&S are just to valuable for me....too expensive to keep. i have shot many of the big names (still need to try a P&S)....great lenses...all of them. nice build, great in their respective attributes....

    now that derogy and hermagis seems to be in the lime light more i am switching to a "new" name lens....but i am not saying who till i find a few gems......

    my "keeper" lenses are similar to ghandofi.....while he keeps his from collectors i keep mine form the trash! har har har! i have the orphan lenses that i use most. most have little or no value. most all have all kinds of blemishes..... spots, fungus, chips, real deep scratches, blotches, broken and missing parts, missing elements, dents, cracked brass etc etc (some just have the usual: dust & cleaning marks)....but they all shot to some one wants these babies but me...

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    Re: collecting for stupid reason....

    I am not a collector. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    I DO shoot with almost all my lenses. There are perhaps a half dozen that haven't been used for their first photo yet, but they are waiting patiently for me to pick them up......which I will.

    As Eddie says, there are a few gems that are undiscovered.......but I stress, few.

    I've only gotten lucky, really lucky, one time. There is a reason that folks are willing to pay the big bucks for the knowns. That's it. Everyone knows (thanks partially perhaps to web pages like mine) what an Eidoscop can do. Only about 3 other lenses can make that look. And they're as bad or worse than the Eido, so people buy them if they want an image that has that look.

    Like Eddie, I'm just a guy making wages. So if I have two of something and one is pristine, and one is all beat up, I'll sell the pristine one and keep the beater. I'm interested in the images. Which brings me full circle. I am not a collector. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
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    Re: collecting for stupid reason....

    I'm not a collector either. (I try to use my lenses.)
    but only because I don't have the money for it....

    I once had the idea to collect ugly cameras... could have been fun..

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    Re: collecting for stupid reason....

    I'm on the other page .I usually keep all the nice looking ones hoping they will last longer so one day my kids can use them or sell them to pay their college ,and off course i sell all the beat up ones !

    Just kidding !

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    Re: collecting for stupid reason....

    I collect lenses because it's a two-for-one proposition... with every lens I collect, I also collect some bizarre excuse or rationalization as to why I really, really need it. (And I have one heck of a collection of those!)
    "I love my Verito lens, but I always have to sharpen everything in Photoshop..."

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    Re: collecting for stupid reason....

    Hello, yesterday I noticed that the german artsy kid who purchased my first vintage sale, an english TTH 6 inch petzval already had bought 5 or 6 more strange lenses, as for me it's a long list, there is something addictive about old glass, the magic, "through a glass darkly" and the fact that nice new cameras are produced but lenses are better found second hand, it's like treasure hunting! Among my favorites a perfect schwarz 12 inch Voigtländer Heliar from 1930, never used before, how, why? and an 14 inch brass Hermagis petzval, same thing, in a box and unused, a bit moldy but now cleaned and like new..both lens purchased for less than 300$..and my Nicolas Persheid camera with the 480 mm was bought by a Russian immigrant who flew the communists and got it in Berlin on his way to Paris to be a cinematographer, never used the camera and it was sold to me by the son of the founder of this cinema company, the oldest in France..great bargain too..I mostly use what I buy and resent people who are collecting to sell and make a profit..I am trying to work doing old school large format portraits, I am not into being an antic dealer, some of the stuff reaches ridiculous prices but there is hope to find something according to your budget ant I think thats part of the magic too, understanding what's precious about a device that was used when Verlaine and Rimbaud where getting drunk and fighting over nothing!

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