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Thread: How do you sign your prints?

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    How do you sign your prints?

    How do you sign your prints? Lately, I was told by a few photographers and artist to sign the prints not the mats. Ive always signed the mats with a pencil. All of my work now are scanned and digitally printed so I can add my signature when I make prints. Is this correct or should I still sign the mats?

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    Re: How do you sign your prints?

    I've always signed the mats with a pencil. I find it really helps the value if I sign them Ansel Adams or Edward Weston :-)

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    Re: How do you sign your prints?

    I sign the prints on the face bellow the image area so if someone wants to they can over mat the print to hide the signature or if they want to of they can cut the mat to reveal the signature. I use a fine point marker that uses acid free ink. This is a really good post Milton, I look forward to see other responses. Thanks.

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    Re: How do you sign your prints?

    I don't "sign" my print (or the mats), but I do put pertinent information, like title, date, and copyright notice in light pencil on the back. I know it can be erased, but its purpose is informational, not legal or egotistical. I do this because I think markings of any kind, other than sublime retouching, detract from the image.

    Just my humble opinion...


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    Re: How do you sign your prints?

    I think you should expand this question to add "and how do you mount them?" Because that greatly determines how you sign them.
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    Re: How do you sign your prints?

    Since I don't dry mount normally, sign the white border of the print itself, which I leave a bit bigger at the bottom. If I dry mount, I sign the mount board in the same spot. In both cases the sig could be covered by using an overmat that went right to the image edge.

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    Re: How do you sign your prints?

    Nah, don't sign the prints. That could muck with your washing to keep the print archival.

    Always sign the mat board in pencil as the others have suggested.

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    Re: How do you sign your prints?

    I usually sign the reverse of the print in pencil, with my name and copyright, the date, the title, and the number in the edition. Usually in the lower-right corner. I title, number, and sign the window mat just below the window, left to right in that order. I sign and indicate on both because I don't dry-mount, and it is entirely possible that they could get separated at some point in the future.

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    Re: How do you sign your prints?

    I sign prints on the face with an archival ink pen, and also the mat board with pencil. Reason for choosing to sign image and not simply border or mat... if image is reframed later the sig could be covered. On framed prints an informational tag is attached to the back, showing business card, image title and ID number.

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    Re: How do you sign your prints?

    i dont sign or write anything on any of my prints, they are what they are, just copies of reality.

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